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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

"The spirit of freedom and independence"

Individuals must act subjectively supported by their knowledge, flexible thinking basing on their knowledge and deep insight as independent and high-level professionals and human resources with high intellectual quality who are able to support a knowledge-based society.

"Involvement in society from a global perspective"

Individuals must have an understanding of diverse cultures, values, societies, natures and environments in and outside of Japan, and have acquired flexible faculties of reasoning and communication skills from a global perspective, which will be the basis for taking action in collaboration with societies in and outside of Japan.

"Specialized knowledge, skills and abilities"

Individuals must possess intellectual knowledge from wide-ranging general perspectives in addition to in-depth intellectual knowledge in their field of specialization to solve problems with flexible thinking and deep insight.

"Excellent problem-solving skills"

Individuals must be capable of integrating and organizing knowledge and abilities, and proactively cooperate and work together with others to find solutions to issues requiring high professional knowledge and skills.