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Message from the President

Message from the President

Chiba University was established as a new national university in 1949, bringing under its umbrella the Chiba Normal School and Chiba Medical College, its predecessor institutions with a history of roughly 150 years. At the time of its inception, Chiba University had five faculties: Faculty of Education, School of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Horticulture and Faculty of Engineering. Today our university boasts 10 faculties as well as 17 graduate schools, and continues to evolve as an institution of higher learning whose mission is to foster the development of leaders capable of solving complex issues, supported by a broad-based interdisciplinary education and a high-level of expertise.

Education at Chiba University is guided by our philosophy, "Always Aim Higher," and we have been taking active steps to create a learning environment that will nurture emerging leaders with superior intelligence and humanity, who will be able to play active roles in a global society through their acquisition of excellent academics worthy of the highest institution of learning. The university recently established the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as well as overseas campuses at three partner universities. Studying abroad is also now compulsory for all undergraduate and graduate students under the Chiba University Global Program ENGINE (Enhanced Network for Global Innovative Education). At the graduate school level, we have introduced the Program for Leading Graduate Schools and Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE) to foster professionals capable of creating new value.

In the area of research, we are supporting world-leading research and researchers through the Institute for Global Prominent Research, a program organized under the leadership of the President. We have also newly established the Academic Research & Innovation Management Organization (IMO) to strengthen the university's capability for supporting collaborative research with research institutes in Japan and abroad through the collaboration of industry, academia and government. While respecting diversity in learning, we are promoting world-class academic research that will lead to the development of new fields of research based on highly original ideas and innovative development research that will bring about changes in society in preparation for the realization of Society 5.0.

With this university as our springboard, we will continue to make a wide range of social contributions to education, administration, industry, healthcare and the local community, and in this way we will both enhance Chiba University's regional status and establish our position as a leading comprehensive university in the world in a manner in which everyone can take pride.

Toshinori Nakayama
President of Chiba University

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