Program Information

Master's Program (Master's Program, First Stage Doctoral Program)

Master's Program

To uphold "the spirit of freedom and independence"

  • Formulate and provide educational curricula that enable students to acquire wide-ranging in-depth knowledge, and engage in independent study and research activities based on their own judgment and plans, throughout all educational curricula to foster abilities for flexible thinking and deep perceptiveness.
  • Provide opportunities for practical education that encourage individuals to take specific actions with the academic knowledge, concepts and perceptions attained through their studies.

To embrace "involvement in society from a global perspective"

  • Provide opportunities for students to speculate from global perspectives through education related to study and research in their field of specialization.
  • Provide opportunities for education that enables effective communication with individuals from other professional fields and backgrounds on subjects related to their field of specialization.

To acquire "specialized knowledge, skills and abilities"

  • Provide opportunities for students to receive systematic educational curricula for in-depth knowledge in their fields of specialization, and opportunities to utilize their knowledge in practical problem solving.
  • Provide educational opportunities for students to understand relationship between their specialized fields and related fields.

To nurture "excellent problem-solving skills"

  • Provide opportunities with research-based education for students to cultivate the abilities to find solutions for problems by comprehensively and systematically organizing specialized knowledge.
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in team-based education to foster practical problem solving skills through cooperation and collaboration with others.