Program Information

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

1. Students welcome at Chiba University

Chiba University comprises a variety of research and educational organizations and strives to make full use of its intellectual environment to foster problem-solving skills, nurture creative ability, cultivate an autonomous spirit and train human resources who will contribute to development of society and culture as well as the peace of mankind and conservation of the global environment.
Based on the philosophy "Always Aim Higher," the University seeks to admit the following kinds of ambitious students.

  • Individuals with the international, ethical and intellectual qualities required of people living in contemporary society as well as a passion for progress and improvement.
  • Individuals with a strong curiosity about and interest in studying at Chiba University, and a desire to autonomously pursue challenges and enhance their own ability to resolve problems.
  • Individuals with adequate knowledge and skills to form the necessary academic foundation for studying at Chiba University after admission.

2. Basic policy on applicant selection

Chiba University offers multiple opportunities for admission and a variety of entrance examinations. With a view to selecting students befitting the University's education principles and goals, Chiba University employs a variety of special admission procedures in addition to its regular entrance examination: AO (Admission Office) admission; admission by recommendation; selection of students with a liking for math and science; mature student admission; transfer admission into the 3rd year; admission for privately financed international students; admission for returnees; and the Advanced Science Program (early admission). When selecting students for admission, Chiba University makes a holistic assessment of applicants' abilities and qualities on the basis of the University's entrance examination, the National Center Test for University Admissions, individual scholastic achievement tests, application documents, interviews, essays, etc.

3. Qualities to be acquired prior to admission to Chiba University

Prospective students should acquire adequate knowledge to furnish a basic scholastic ability, as well as the necessary communication skills to interact with other people.

Prospective students should cultivate wide-ranging knowledge and a well-rounded character, and heighten their curiosity about society and learning by taking a wider interest in society.

These qualities should enable them to make the most of their knowledge and skills once they have enrolled at Chiba University.