Program Information

Graduate Program

Graduate Program

1. Prospective graduate students at Chiba University

As advocated in the degree conferral policy, the primary mission of the Graduate Schools of Chiba University is to establish a research hub of world-class excellence that nurtures creative advanced researches and thereby provides unique academic programs for educating highly specialized professionals who may serve as leaders that will contribute to various fields of society. To realize this research and education mission, we encourage applications by students, with a strong credential of scholastic ability and well-balanced perspective, who are willing to contribute to the creation of knowledge and its creative use in their respective fields of specialization.

Master's Program

Master's programs of the Graduate Schools at Chiba University aim to cultivate original research abilities in interdisciplinary and integrated fields befitting the rapidly developing knowledge-intensive society of the 21st century, and to educate the in-depth knowledge that enables highly specialized professionals to engage in significant and outstanding contributions in response to the societal needs. Accordingly, we are committed to admitting individuals who show keen interests in the issue-oriented approaches taken up by our education and research programs and who demonstrate strong potentials for acquiring the wisdom to pioneer a new age from a broad academic perspective.

Doctoral Program

Doctoral programs of the Graduate Schools at Chiba University aim to cultivate advanced research abilities and a rich foundation of knowledge that enables researchers to pursue independent research activities successfully in their major fields of specialization, and to foster researchers with a highly logical and well-balanced personality. Accordingly, we are committed to admitting individuals with credentials of profound training in their major fields of specialization, who show strong potentials for acquiring logical leading-edge methodologies and analytical prowess. Moreover, we seek to admit individuals who will take advantage of their acquired advanced knowledge and research abilities to contribute original researches on a world-wide scale not only in pure scientific fields, but also in innovative and applied fields.

Professional Doctoral Program

Professional doctoral programs of the Graduate Schools at Chiba University aim to educate students in theoretical investigations in the respective fields of specialization, to cultivate the advanced practical management skills and the professional ethics demanded by the profession, and to foster highly specialized professionals with "consciences" who are capable of contributing to the society by accurately grasping the myriad of issues people face and proactively and creatively seeking ways to resolve them. Accordingly, we are committed to admitting diverse applicants with a variety of background knowledge and experiences, who concur in these aims, have the competencies necessary for their respective fields and professions, and have a strong determination to become a professional.

2. General policy on acceptance decisions

In order to select students befitting the University's educational missions and goals, the Graduate Schools of Chiba University administer separate special entrance examinations for business employees, incumbent school teachers and college professors, incumbent nursing administrators, and international students, in addition to the regular entrance examinations. Acceptance decisions of the Graduate Schools will be made based on the over-all evaluations of applicants' abilities and qualifications as evidenced in a number of documents including their scholastic abilities (written, practical and oral exams), scholastic aptitudes, academic transcripts and essays on application motives, if applicable.