Program Information


Graduate School of Humanities and Studies on Public Affairs

  • Master's Program
  • Humanities
  • Studies on Public Affairs and Social Sciences
  • Doctoral Program
  • Humanities and Studies on Public Affairs

Law School

  • Professional Degree Course
  • Law

Graduate School of Education

  • Master's Program
  • Education and Human Development
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development
  • Language, Human and Social Science Education
  • Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  • Fine Arts, Music, Health and Physical Education
  • Professional Degree Course
  • Advanced Professional Development in Education

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

  • Master's and Doctoral Programs
  • Mathematics and Informatics
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Advanced Science and Engineering
  • Creative Engineering
  • Fundamental Engineering

Graduate School of Horticulture

  • Master's and Doctoral Programs
  • Horticultural Science
  • Landscape

Graduate School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Master's Program
  • Medical Sciences
  • General Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Four-year Doctoral Program
  • Frontier Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Innovative Preventive Medicine
  • Three-year Doctoral Program
  • Frontier Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graduate School of Nursing

  • Master's Programs
  • Nursing
  • Practice Nursing
  • Doctoral Program
  • Nursing

Graduate Degree Program of Global and Transdisciplinary Studies

  • Master's Program
  • Migration and Refugee Studies
  • STS (Science, Technology, and Society) Studies
  • Environmental Studies