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Cool Japan Program

"Cool Japan Program"
Explore contemporary Japan

Chiba University will offer a variety of short term programs for foreign university students. The programs provide an opportunity to explore contemporary Japan, by experiencing and learning about traditional as well as modern aspects of Japanese culture. Participants not only take part in Chiba University lectures held by experts, but also join exciting activities, workshops and day trips. We have a range of unique course offerings to take over summer and winter vacations. The following is a tentative list of program titles.

Program Title and contents

"Japanese Pop Culture ~ A view from the edge ~
(*Application for Cool Japan Program 2017 has been closed)

Chiba University, thanks to its location at the edge of the Japanese capital and to its special character as neither metropolitan nor really provincial, has traditionally provided a unique view on the rapid social and cultural transformations spurting out of the center of the Japanese nation to its peripheries. This course invites you to examine Japan's transition from the world's leading manufacturer of consumer electronics into an innovative media exporter. To better understand this shift, we will travel across Tokyo, visiting key sites of cultural production and consumption as we also examine works of contemporary Japanese cinema, literature, music, and otaku culture.
This program for 2018-2019 is under construction.
Please refer to the program outlines and contents conducted in the past below.

Cool Japan Program 2017 Report

DurationMonday, 18 Dec - Friday, 22 Dec, 2017
(You will be requested to check in at the hotel on 17 Dec, and check out the hotel on 23 Dec.)
ScheduleSchedule (Cool Japan Program 2017 winter).pdf (As of August)
Application Deadline By Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017
Program Fee130,000 JPY per person
(Includes tuition, admission, accommodation, school supplies, field studies and educational materials)
LecturerMatthew Chozick, Institute for Excellence in Educational Innovation, Chiba University
(Dr. Mattew Chozick is a specialist in contemporary Japanese culture. He has also contributed to it as a regular on Japanese prime-time television since debuting in 2012 on the comedy-variety show Sekai-Maru-Mie. Additionally, Chozick serves as director of the publishing start-up Awai Books and he writes widely for television, print, and radio. Chozick also translates books, dabbles in performance art, and acts in Japanese film as well as in theatre.) (Personal website)

PlaceNishi-Chiba Campus, the nearest station is JR Nishi-Chiba station
About CU-2017.pdf

Accommodation Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba
Participants will stay "Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba", nearby the JR Chiba station (The next stop is JR Nishi-Chiba station).
Single rooms will be arranged for 6 nights with breakfast.
Hotel guests can use free WiFi and a coin-operated laundry in the hotel.
Check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 11am.

Application ProcedureCarefully read the document below before you apply
Application Procedure (Cool Japan Program 2017 winter).pdf
Application Form (Cool Japan Program 2017 winter).pdf
Application Form (Cool Japan Program 2017 winter).xlsx

Download the Flier
Flier (Cool Japan 2017, As of Sept).pdf

"The History of Japan ~ Bushido and Shinobi ~"
Under Construction

"The Arts of Japan ~Matsuri, Kabuki, Sumo ~"
Under Construction

"The Industries of Japan ~ Japanese Factory Tour ~"
Under Construction


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