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【To prospective students】 Policies on delivery modes for classes in the Academic Year 2021


To prospective students,

1.  Policies on courses in AY 2021
●Courses in AY2021 will be offered in multiple modalities, with face-to-face learning and both synchronous and asynchronous distance learning. The delivery mode for each course may vary depending on the objectives of each course. Experiments and practical training subjects will be conducted mainly in face-to-face settings.

●We will take necessary measures to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus when conducting classes.

2. Introductory education for freshman and extracurricular activities
●Introductory education for freshmen, such as the first year seminars, will be conducted mainly in face-to-face settings. Or other opportunities may be offered for interacting with your classmates. We believe that interaction between students and faculty members, and between students, makes up a valuable part of university education.

●Extracurricular activities are also an important part of university education. Each club/organization formulates infection prevention measures, and when they meet the standards required by the university, clubs/organizations are allowed to have their activities.

3. Chiba University Global Program ENGINE
●Chiba University's ENGINE plan includes three initiatives as follows;
1) Making study abroad compulsory,
2) Enhancing English education,
3) Developing smart learning (to enable students to take Chiba University's courses while studying overseas)

●Study abroad programs for those enrolling in AY2021 will be offered mainly in or after AY2022. Overseas programs will be resumed after the university confirms the safety of traveling abroad.

●English education will be mainly conducted in face-to-face settings. The university will provide an environment where students can study English sufficiently to prepare for studying abroad.

●In order to promote smart learning, the university will ask students to prepare a personal computer and communication network for taking online classes. Details will be announced on the university's website later.

※These are the current policies and may be changed in the future based on the infection situation.

Chiba University