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【To all students】 Policies on delivery modes for classes in the Academic Year 2021


To all students,

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Chiba University's policies on teaching, etc. are as follows;
This is the current policy and may be changed in the future based on the infection situation. We will inform you again if there is any change in our policies regarding the delivery modes for classes.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

1. Courses in AY2021
Courses in AY2021 will be offered in multiple modalities, with face-to-face learning and both synchronous and asynchronous distance learning. The delivery mode for each course may vary; however, experiments and practical training subjects will be conducted mainly in face-to-face settings.
If you feel uneasy about attending face-to-face classes, please contact the academic affairs section of your faculty/school. If the Safety and Health Organization of Chiba University confirms that there is an understandable reason for not being able to participate in face-to-face classes based on a medical certificate from a doctor or consultation with students, the university will consider special arrangement for the student in AY2021.

2. Study abroad
It is expected that it will be difficult to participate in overseas study programs in AY2021 as well. For students entering in or after AY2020, participation in a study abroad program is a requirement for graduation, and study abroad was supposed to include overseas experience. However, considering the situation of the restriction of overseas travel, Chiba University will temporarily provide alternatives and will consider online study abroad programs that are designated by the university to be equivalent to participation in study abroad programs. Details will be announced after April 2021.

3. Extracurricular activities
Student clubs/organizations will continue their activities in compliance with the infection prevention measures implemented by each club/organization. Welcome event for new students will be held online, the same as in AY2020.

4. Others
Please take sufficient measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus. We appreciate your continued cooperation.

Chiba University
Takeshi Tokuhisa