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Students from China joined Winter Industrial Design Workshop at Chiba University


Students from eighteen universities in China joined "Winter Industrial Design Workshop" at Chiba University during 5th-10th February 2018. It's the eighth time taken place since this program started and the theme at this time was "New Products and Services for Museums". Both students from College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and from Faculty of Engineering also joined this program.

On the first day and second day, all participants were divided into 12 groups and they visited some selected museums in Tokyo. They observed information services such as guide systems and communication tools in the museum to create a concept of new product which enables visitors to have more fun and a meaningful time.

Lecturer Paskevicius (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) together with Professor Sasa from Kanto Gakuin University guided each group during the workshop. All groups made their final presentations to show the results of their works and received comments from Vice president Watanabe and Associate Professor Ono (Graduate School of Engineering).

On the last day of the program, students visited Akihabara to learn about the Japanese industrial design and high tech products. All participants enjoyed various activities during the week in Japan.

(Short Program Collaborator: Japan-China Culture Community Center)