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Measures regarding bomb threat sent to Chiba University


Chiba University was informed by the police that there was an alert stating that multiple universities, including Chiba University, will be bombed at 10:00, September 1st.
Chiba University will work together with the police and take the following measures.

1. Strengthening the security measures
With the cooperation of the police, Chiba University is on high alert for any suspicious items or persons on its campuses, and has heightened security by increasing on-campus patrols and other measures.

2. Regarding the access to the university campus
Although the university will not prohibit entering the campus, please refrain from entering the campus for any nonessential or non-urgent reason.

3. Other information
If you see any suspicious item(s) or person(s) on or near Chiba University's campuses, please contact the nearest administration office, security guard office, etc. immediately.