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Dear all international students who are waiting to enter Japan:


As emergency precautionary action against the coronavirus variant Omicron, the government of Japan has announced new border enforcement measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19 beginning November 30. As a result, new entry of foreign nationals to Japan has been suspended until next year. This news was disappointing for us since we were looking forward to welcoming you to our campus after hearing the previous government announcement on November 5, allowing new entry to Japan of international students in phases.

Many of you who chose Chiba University and wish to study abroad must be anxiously waiting to come to Japan. We will continue to make preparations so that, once the temporary measures are lifted, we can welcome you without any complications and you can lead your student life in a safe environment. The staff in charge of international students in your department and faculty will contact you if there are any new changes in the entry procedures set by the government, so please be patient a little longer.

Although we are apart for now, you are a valuable member of our school. The students, teachers and staff members of Chiba University are all very much looking forward to seeing you on campus.

Toshinori Nakayama
President, Chiba University