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Modes of teaching, Campus entries, Study abroad, and Club activities in Term 4 and after


To all students

First of all, thank you very much for your continued cooperation in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Your understanding and effort to overcome challenges during these difficult times are greatly appreciated.
Though COVID-19 still makes the situation remain unpredictable, Chiba University proceeds one step further to balance the prevention measures and academic opportunities where possible as follows starting Term 4.

1. Modes of teaching
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Chiba University delivered courses entirely by distance learning in Term 1 and 2 and gradually resumed some face-to-face experiment and practice classes in Term 3.
Courses in Term 4 and after will be offered in multiple modalities, with both face-to-face and distance learning (synchronous and asynchronous).
Please check the course syllabus for by what method the course is delivered.
If you feel uneasy about attending face-to-face classes, please contact the academic affairs section of your faculty/school.

2. Study abroad and other overseas travels
Chiba University has decided to cancel all study abroad programs in Term4 - Term 6 regardless of countries and areas. Study abroad programs individually planned by students, overseas travels for research and conference, and personal travels should also be called off in principle.
Please see the notification posted on the university website on September 10 for details.
Notification posted on September 10

3. Club/Society activities
Club/Society activities will be allowed if the activity plan submitted in advance by the club/society is approved by the university. The plan must satisfy COVID-19 prevention measures. Note that club/society gatherings and parties are not allowed both on and off-campus until further notice.

4. Campus entries
The current entry restrictions being issued to all campuses will be lifted on Thursday, October 1. Yet, note that we may have to limit entries again depending on the situation. Please visit the university website regularly and stay updated.

5. Matters to be attended upon entering campuses
(1) Check your body temperature and observe your health conditions before coming to campus. If you are unwell, then you are not allowed entry. Please contact the Chiba University Safety and Health Organization immediately and follow the instruction.
(2) Wear a mask (a disposable/reusable face mask) while you are inside the campus facilities unless you have any specific reason that makes it difficult for you to do so.
(3) Have your student ID card with you at all times.
(4) Keep track of your activities (where and whom you met, what time and which campus facilities you used, and such), in case new positive COVID-19 cases are found. The use of COCOA, a mobile app provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that uses Bluetooth to log when people have close contact with the infected, is highly recommended.
COCOA (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
(5) Wash and sanitize your hands when entering campus, before/after a class, upon entering/exiting campus facilities, before eating/drinking, and after using a restroom.
(6) Practice social distancing and keep a distance of at least 1 meter from others.
(7) Please follow instructions to prevent infections when using campus facilities. Each facility has its own rules.
(8) When having a meal, maintain a distance from others and please do not sit facing each other or chat while eating, as talking without putting on masks in the close distance is believed to increase the risk of infection.

6. Notes
(1) Visit the Chiba University Libraries website for detailed information on how and when you can use the libraries.
(2) Visit the Chiba University CO-OP website for the business hours and information regarding how you can purchase textbooks.
(3) Automated certificate issuing machines will be reactivated in Term 4. If you need certificates but cannot come to campus, follow the instruction on the website of your faculty/school.
(4) Your understanding and cooperation are essential to moving forward in the "new normal campus life". Please take responsibility for your behaviors to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially when going places and dining out in downtown, by choosing the place that is clarifying its prevention measures and enforcing them thoroughly.

Chiba University
Takeshi Tokuhisa