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University of Indonesia visits Chiba University


A five member delegation led by Dr. Ir. Dodi Sudiana, Director for Cooperation, University of Indonesia, visited Chiba University on April 13, 2016. The purpose of the visit was to explore opportunities to strengthen our ties, especially in the field of Humanities, Economics, Business, and Law. We have been actively exchanging students through the educational programs, such as TWINCLE programs, BOOT programs, and Global Internship programs since the two universities signed an academic exchange and cooperation agreement and a student exchange agreement in 1997.

Vice-President Watanabe, Prof. Sakai, Prof. Ishii, and Prof. Josaphat welcomed the UI delegation members, and we discussed ways in which to enrich our exchange program by expanding beyond the science field into the arts and humanities.

Front row from left: Ms. Wirdyaningsih, Dr. Ir. Dodi Sudiana, Vice-President Watanabe, Dr. Adrianus L.G. Waworuntu
Back row from left: Prof. Ishii, Prof. Sakai, Mr. Dony Abdul Chalid, Prof. Josaphat, Dr. Rokhmatuloh