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To students who are not able to attend class from April


If you are either a newly admitted international student or an international student who are temporarily in your home country, and the effect of the Tohoku Earthquake prevents you from attending class from April, Chiba University will consider measures in regard to your situation. In that case, please contact the faculty/graduate school you belong to at your earliest convenience.

Faculty of Letters 043-290-2352 043-290-2356 bhgakumu
Faculty of Law and Economics 043-290-2351
Graduate School of Humanities
and Social Sciences
043-290-2354 gah2352
Law School 043-290-2349 gai2349
Faculty of Education 043-290-2514 043-290-2504 hai2514
Graduate School of Education 043-290-2512
Faculty of Science 043-290-2881 043-290-2874 iad2880
Graduate School of Science
School of Medicine 043-226-2008 043-226-2502 sag5032
Graduate School of Medical
and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Medical 043-226-2009 sah5234
Pharmaceutical 043-290-2980 043-290-2974 kae2979
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Nursing 043-226-2453 043-226-2382 tag5660
Graduate School of Nursing 043-226-2450 tae5667
Faculty of Engineering 043-290-3055 043-290-3076 mak3054
Graduate School of Engineering 043-290-3885 043-290-3888 pad3885
Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Faculty of Horticulture 047-308-8712 047-308-8720 zag8712
Graduate School of Horticulture 047-308-8714

*1: If you call from overseas, omit the first 0 and add 81 (country code of Japan) in front.
*2: Add "" after the account name.

(April 14, 2011)