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Establishment of "Chiba University Tohoku Earthquake Support Volunteer Center"


Currently, relief efforts are being provided in disaster areas in Tohoku district, and systems to operate volunteer activities will soon be prepared. Some disaster areas in Chiba prefecture are already accepting volunteers. Considering the extent of this disaster, long-term volunteer works are expected to be needed.

In response, Chiba University established "Chiba University Tohoku Earthquake Support Volunteer Center" to support students and staff who want to involve in volunteer activities.

The activities of center are listed below.

  1. Contents of the activities
    Collecting information of volunteer activities, providing information for students and staff who wish to
    participate in the volunteer activities, and other supports.
  2. Contact
    Chiba University Student Support Center 「Fureai-no-wa」
    (2nd floor, Daigaku-Kaikan)
    opens from 9:00 to 17:00 weekdays
    Tel: 043-290-2160 (ext. 4188)

If you wish to participate in such activities, you are requested to register at the center specified below.

Even if you are already involving in those activities, you are still needed to report to the center immediately.

(March 24, 2011)