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<URGENT>Notice on Admission Procedures


Those who are admitted to Chiba University by Kobetsu-Gakuryoku-Kensa (Koki) (Academic Achievement Test (latter schedule)) or by Examination for International Students Studying at Their Own Expenses are required to complete admission procedures on campus either on March 26 (Sat) or on March 27 (Sun).

If you are not able to come to campus on one of those days due to the effect of Tohoku Earthquake, contact the faculty/graduate school you are admitted to via fax or email and inform the following on ahead. Please write "Admission Procedure Request" on the subject line of your fax/email.

  1. your name
  2. your entrance examination identification number
  3. if you want to enroll in Chiba University
  4. if you prefer mail-in admission procedure to in-person
  5. whether you can pay the entrance fee, or you need to apply for the waiver or extension on
    payment (state if you are a Japanese Government Scholarship Student)
  6. your home address, contact phone number, and email address

After you send a fax/email, please call your faculty/graduate school at the number below to verify your request is received since the campus routinely experiences power outage.

Contact Phone Numbers and Email Address
(for email address, put after the account name below)

Faculty of Letters 043-290-2352 043-290-2356 bhgakumu
Faculty of Education 043-290-2515 043-290-2504 edu-nyuusi
Faculty of Law and Economics 043-290-2351 043-290-2356 bhgakumu
Faculty of Science 043-290-2881 043-290-2874 iad2880
Faculty of Pharmaceutical
043-290-2980 043-290-2974 kae2979
Faculty of Engineering
043-290-3076 mak3054
Faculty of Horticulture 047-308-8712 047-308-8720 zag8712

Admission procedures for graduate schools vary with each graduate school. If you are not able to come on above specified dates for the in-person procedure, please contact the graduate school you are admitted to at your earliest convenience.

(March 23, 2011)