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To Students from Disaster Areas of Tohoku Earthquake


Chiba University expresses heartfelt sympathies to suffered students and families in afflicted areas.

(1) If consequences of the earthquake disaster make you financially difficult to attend school, please consult Student Support Division.
Chiba University Student Support Division
043-290-2175, 2178

(2) If a job offer you received is withdrawn due to the earthquake disaster, please report to Carrier Support Division.
Chiba University Carrier Support Division
043-290-2159, 2167, 2177

(3) If the consequences of the disaster make you feel uneasy or stressed and it becomes too much to deal with on your own, please contact Gakusei-Soudan-Shitsu and ask for help before you lose yourself in anxiety.
Gakusei-Soudan-Shitsu (Student Counseling Room),
Chiba University Student Support Division