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To all new students exploring study abroad opportunities


To all new students

Chiba University is promoting all undergraduate and graduate students admitted in 2020 and after to study abroad while enrolled under ENGINE, the global human resources development plan.

You might have been already browsing the Study Abroad Guidebook handed out at the time of admission procedure, thinking about what and where to study.

However, Chiba University requests you to refrain from going abroad for now.

As we have informed you, Chiba University is to start the new academic year on May 7, and all courses will be delivered by distance learning until the end of July. Also, we decided to cancel all study abroad programs at least until the end of September.

We take those measures to protect the precious lives of you and your loved ones by reducing your opportunities to be outside and in contact with people, in the ongoing fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

In the meantime, please respect the decision and request made by the Japanese and local government, and take this time as a chance to prepare for your study abroad plan at home.

To study a language, history or culture of the country you want to go to, to read books on the subject you want to study overseas, or to deepen your understanding about your country are just a few examples of things you can do before going abroad. How well you prepared makes a huge difference in how much you can learn through your study abroad experiences.

Chiba University aims to provide you opportunities to define your path in life as global human resources by giving you chances to study abroad.

Crossing cultures and environment in different countries and areas can be a profound experience which equips you with more attributes and abilities to contribute to societies.

We believe that the time will come when you could explore overseas again.

Until then, please dedicate yourself to what you can do to prepare for your future endeavors as the first step forward to become active on a global stage.

Chiba University continues to devote all necessary resources to support you in achieving your dreams.

April 20, 2020

Takeshi Tokuhisa


Chiba University