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Request on overseas travel restraint due to novel coronavirus outbreaks


To all students, faculty, and staff members

 The World Health Organization (WHO) declared on March 11 that the novel coronavirus outbreaks a pandemic.
 As the situation develops, more counties and areas have been designated as Level 3 (Avoid all travel) and Level 2 (Reconsider nonessential travel) of the Travel Advisory on Infectious Diseases (applicable to novel coronavirus) issued by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, the number of countries and areas imposing immigration restrictions and movement restrictions after immigration (implementation of health observation or quarantine) to Japanese citizens or people traveling from Japan is increasing every day.
 In light of the current situation, Chiba University has decided to suspend all study abroad programs scheduled for the rest of the fiscal year to ensure the safety and well-being of all students, faculty and staff members.
 We also request students currently studying abroad as exchange students (or under any short-term programs) to take all due precautions and measures to protect yourself and to gather the latest local information including flight operation status. We do advise you to consider suspending your study-abroad and coming back to Japan to secure your safety as your local situation may worsen rapidly at any time. Please acknowledge there is a possibility that you will be imposed movement restrictions while being abroad or after coming back to Japan depending on the situation, which would interfere with your study plans.

 We urge all students, faculty, and staff members to check the latest travel advisory issued by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and avoid nonessential overseas travels regardless of areas in this fiscal year.
 Please note that we may ask you to suspend traveling abroad further on.

                                                          TOKUHISA Takeshi
                                                          Chiba University