Summary of the program

Chiba University has been selected for the Top Global University Project launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT).


From a “global” to a “top global” university

From a “global” to a “top global” university

From a “global” to a “top global” university


Chiba University was selected to be part of the Top Global University Project initiated by MEXT.

This project, launched by MEXT in 2014, aims to enhance the international compatibility and competitiveness of higher education in Japan. It provides support for innovative universities that intend to become world class institutions. Based on past achievements, Chiba University has been recognized for its innovative reforms and has been selected as a Top Global University, a title granted to 24 universities that are taking the lead in the globalization of Japanese society.

In 2012, we set up the “Global Campus Chiba University” policy for further internationalization with the goal of becoming a truly global university, and have since implemented various activities including the promotion of international joint education and research.

Subsequently, our university was one of 11 Japanese universities selected for the “Go Global Japan Project” by MEXT in 2012, which. distinguishes Chiba University as one of the globalization leaders in Japan. Through this initiative, we are implementing an innovative education program which aims to develop globally minded talent. For instance, we have introduced systems for early entrance and early graduation, a second liberal arts program “International Japanology”, development of more overseas study programs and more opportunities to gain international experience.

Following our designation as a Top Global University, we will continue to build on our previous success by educating students to be qualified to promote international understanding of Japan and to have the intellectual abilities required in today’s global society.

Under the strong direction of President Tokuhisa, we are committed to reform aimed at transforming Chiba University into a world-leading and future-oriented university within the next ten years.