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To all new students (Regarding our measures in prevention of spreading COVID-19)


Click below for a message from the President Tokuhisa to all new students.

>Message from President Tokuhisa

Important information to all new students regarding Distance Learning

  1. Log in to Chiba University Moodle 2020

Chiba University uses Moodle, an online learning platform, to create a tailored learning environment. Please log in to Moodle as soon as you receive your ID and password by post. 


Chiba University Moodle 2020

Chiba University Moodle is an online learning platform to create a tailored learning environment. You can access Moodle courses to read materials, take online quizzes, and many other things to prepare and review your classes regardless of time and place.

【Cautionary points】

- Your User ID for Moodle is NOT your Student ID number.

- Contact your faculty office if you are not sure of your User ID.

- Your email address registered for Moodle may not be changed.

- Notification emails from Moodle are sent to your address as well.

- You can exchange messages using a messaging function between Moodle course users. Those messages are also sent to users' addresses.

- If you prefer to receive messages to another address than to your, set up the inbox rules of your Chiba University account to forward a message automatically to the preferred address.


  1. Access to Moodle regularly

Detailed information on how you should register for courses and how your teachers are to give you lessons online will be available on Moodle. Please access to Moodle and update yourself regularly.

About Distance Learning using Moodle