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Message from the President/Vision

Message from the President/Vision

President, Takeshi Tokuhisa

Chiba University began with five faculties in 1949 as a national university under the new postwar education system. Since then, it has expanded to become a comprehensive university comprised of ten faculties and 11 graduate schools.

Since its foundation, Chiba University has aimed to contribute to society through its pioneering education and research. To attain this goal, faculty and staff are encouraged to think outside the box and to collaborate across specialty and profession. This open system of faculty-level exchange enables Chiba University to promote its distinctive integrated education and research.

In 2004, changes to the education law allowed the national university to become an independent administrative entity. Under our university's motto, "Always Aim Higher", we established a new goal to cultivate human resources capability of assuming roles in global society. In 2016, we created a new faculty, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, in an effort to stimulate the further development of our university mission.

On the research front, we are dedicated to the advancement of world-level basic and application research through respecting and fostering academic diversity. One of our new initiatives is the Strategic Priority Research Areas in which we 1) offer intensive support to selected six research areas; 2) promote industry-academia-government collaboration; and 3) strengthen social involvement and competitive grant funding; and 4) foster cooperation with domestic and international universities.

Chiba University will continue to contribute to society by the cultivation of human resources, and technology transfer and commercialization of the university research results.

President of Chiba University
Takeshi Tokuhisa

Chiba University Vision


A future-oriented comprehensive university that stands out among others in the world!

Since Chiba University became an independent administrative institution in 2004, we have vigorously promoted enrichment of liberal arts (universal) education and internationalization in our educational activities in the spirit of the university's fundamental principle to "Always aim higher." We have continued our tireless efforts to become a future-oriented comprehensive university that stands out among others in the world through the practice of creative education and research that will lead the world and by strongly promoting basic research and applied research at a world level while respecting diversity in learning.
As the university approaches its third medium-term goal period commencing in 2016, we have formulated a university vision for this period to further our development as a comprehensive university with teaching and research functions of the highest standard. We will do this by accurately identifying various issues humanity faces due to the rapid changes in society in Japan and the world at large, by adequately determining the university's strengths, characteristic features, and potential based on achievement through initiatives to date, and by effectively demonstrating superior research and high-quality teaching capabilities the university possesses in solving various problems.
At Chiba University, our entire university staff is united in its commitment to realizing this vision through the provision of strategic support in creative research areas (which will be one of the university's strengths), creation of next-generation innovation, autonomous study as independent individuals, and nurturing the development of next-generation human resources who can play key roles in international society.

1. Global : Nurture the development of next-generation human resources who can play an active role in international society.

  • Put into practice education at world standards and nurture the development of next-generation human resources through the establishment of the Institute for Excellence in Educational Innovation.
  • Steadily implement measures to achieve the rebirth of Chiba University as Global Chiba University. (including the Top Global University project, etc.)
  • Create research and education centers by establishing international networks.

2. Research : Promote the "Triple Peak Challenge" in research

  • Provide strategic support for creative next-generation research through the establishment of Institute for Global and Prominent Research.
  • Form a future medical research center for new therapeutics creation through the Inohana Campus High Functionality Initiatives.
  • Promote integrated research beyond the framework of humanities and science.

3. Innovation : Create innovation that will pave the way for the next generation

  • Promote and strengthen cooperative research with industry aimed at creating innovation.
  • Secure and exploit intellectual assets for the application of research results in society.
  • Nurture the development of human resources who will create innovation and reform organizations.

4. Branding : Enhance Chiba University branding

  • Increase international trust through outstanding education and research.
  • Promote strategic PR activities.
  • Strengthen partnerships with graduates, the corporate world and society.

5. Synergy : Reinforce the cooperative framework of faculty and staff

  • Reinforce governance for strategic university management.
  • Revitalize education and research activities through the utilization of diverse human resources.
  • Improve risk management systems.
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