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Where is Chiba City ?

Why Chiba City ?

Where is Chiba University ?

Why Chiba University ?


Facts & Figures of Chiba University

00Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Law School
Graduate School of Education Graduate School of Science
Graduate School of Engineering Graduate School of Horticulture
Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science Graduate School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Graduate School of Nursing Graduate School of Medicine
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences  

00Undergraduate Schools

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty of Letters Faculty of Law and Economics Faculty of Education
Faculty of Science Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Horticulture School of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Nursing    

00Number of Students

Undergraduate Students 10,756 Graduate Students (Master Course) 2,171
Graduate Students (Doctoral Course) 1,214 Professional Graduate School 101

00Number of Enrolled Students

Undergraduate Students 2,380 Graduate Students (Master Course) 927
Graduate Students (Doctoral Course) 190 Professional Graduate School Students 34


Nishi-Chiba Campus Inohana Campus Matsudo Campus Kashiwano-ha Campus

00Number of Books

Library (Nishi-Chiba Campus / Inohana Campus / Matsudo Campus) Academic Link Center

00Number of International Students

00Number of New Students
in The Faculty Per Teacher

00Number of Teachers Per Student

Ratio of Foreign Teachers

Ratio of Students from Abroad

Rate of Conferment of Doctoral Degree Against
the Number of Degree Conferment to Students

00Number of Students Conferred Doctoral
Degree Per Teacher


Status of Qualifying for
for Scientific Research