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Campus Asia Students at Niigata

Graduate School of Horticulture

The following essay is orderly arranged into 3 major topics as follow;

  1. Good points to be a student of Chiba Univ.
  2. Research and supervisor
  3. Your campus life in Chiba Univ.

Campus Asia Students in Yugata

I felt I's so nervous to hold a thought in my head for being a part of this university. It is a way of enlighten man whose conclusion of learning never end can feel. That was my first thought for coming to Chiba University at Kashiwanoha Campus. Apart of the sentiment, Japanese agriculture is always fascinated. I want to discover many things with firmly aspiration of applying techniques to my motherland. Luckily, this campus has many collaborated companies of plant factory section where I have a big chance on being intern. Nearly future, I assuredly believe that the model of plant factory will solve food famine and feed billions of people in this planet. Absorbing experiences directly from them is truly essential and useful. Hence, I have devoted one-third of my student life learning with plant factory area. And this is the greatest point of being a student in this university.

Campus Asia Students in Disneysea

Aside from my personal enthusiasm, I will not be able to explore this wonderful campus without help and support from my fabulously fantastic supervisor Prof Michiko TAKAGAKI. Her faith and patient are infinite on me, the skeptical student. Our research theme is involving on vegetable production which is considerably related to artificial environment. We try to grow lettuce underneath several artificial light conditions which aim to improve its production and nutritional values.

Myself with lettuce-1

Myself with lettuce-2

Under her wing, stream of chance and occasion often come into my sight. I have encountered and learnt many variation of people, e.g., their culture, tradition, and existence. These are the quintessence of my life. Especially, Campus Asia program which is uniquely possessed in Kashiwanoha. Students from all over Asia come to study and live together. We share remembrance and fulfill each other memory. These are unforgettable moments for the rest of my life. However, they serenely come and pass by as well as things are changed rapidly in this campus. Underneath the stream of time, I now prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The wheel of my life is spinning. I'm being on my track; and keeping to pursuit my dream. Sooner or later, I will use my bare hands to harvest this fruitful wisdom, yet when the time comes. I'm heartily thank to my supervisor and this campus for this lifetime opportunity. Above all, I forever cherish my beloved mom and dad who send me onto this blue planet. See you in Kashiwanoha!

Thai Students from Kashiwanoha and Matsudo Campus