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Chiba University and Russian State University for the Humanities Celebrate Opening of the “Chiba University Japan Center”(updated on Feb.8.2016)
Chiba University Alumni International website has been redesigned(updated on Dec 24.2015)
【Recruitment (Request) for Teacher】
Public offering of Associate Professor, Lecturer or Assistant Professor with Tenure Track System, Food and Resource Economics Course, Graduate School of Horticulture
(updated on Oct 14.2015)
Lecture by an Atomic Bomb Survivor (updated on July 3. 2015)
Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS) released HIMAWARI-8’s movies on “Youtube” Official Channel.(updated on June.24.2015)
【Recruitment (Request) for Teacher】
Public offering of Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics Course, Graduate School of Horticulture, Division of Environmental Horticulture (Tenure Track System, Term: 5 years)
(updated on May.28.2015)
【Recruitment (Request) for Teacher】
Center for Environment,Health and Field Sciences, Chiba University, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor (tenure-track position with four year term)
(updated on May.13.2015)
[IMPORTANT NOTICE] About Typhoon No.6(updated on May.12.2015)
【Academic Position(s) Vacant at Center for International Research and Education】
(updated on Apr.10.2015)
Symposium:International Joint Conference on Medical Innovation in Chiba 2015
Date & Time: Friday, March 6, 2015 8:50AM - 5:30PM
Venue: Keyaki Kaikan, Chiba University
Research Group of Water Filled Laparo-endoscopic Surgery: (updated on Jan.26.2015)
Chiba University COOP(Nishi-Chiba Campus) starts to provide Halal(Recommended)Menu in January 2015.(updated on Jan.5.2015)
Study and Research at Sister University Abroad in 2013-2014(updated on Nov.5.2014)
【Recruitment (Request) for Teacher】
Department of Architecture and Urban Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University, Teaching Staff Position
(updated on Nov.5.2014)
Associate Professor in Molecular Immunology: Medical Mycology Research Center (updated on Oct.17.2014)
[IMPORTANT NOTICE] About Typhoon No.19(updated on Oct.10.2014)
Symposium: Education for Sustainable Development
Date & Time: Sunday, November 2, 2014 1PM - 3PM
Place: Campus Innovation Center Tokyo (Kokusai kaigijo 1st Floor) (updated on Oct.8.2014)
[IMPORTANT NOTICE] About Typhoon No.18(updated on Oct.3.2014)
[Notice] Summer holidays from 8/13 (Wed) – 8/15 (Fri)
Office will be closed for summer holidays from 8/13 to 8/15. The University Hospital will be open as usual(updated on Aug.11.2014)
[IMPORTANT NOTICE] About Typhoon No.8(updated on Jul.10.2014)
Course Numbering System of Chiba University (updated on Jul.2.2014)
【Recruitment (Request) for Teacher】
Bioresource Science Course, Division of Environmental Horticulture Assistant professor (5-year term of employment based on a tenure-track system)
(updated on Apr.3.2014)
Joint Workshop on Bio-inspired Engineering and Bio-supercomputing (Mar. 3-4.2014) (updated on Feb.27.2014)
The 3rd Chiba-Uppsala Academia Joint Workshop (Inflammation, Metabolic Diseases and Cancer) (Feb. 20-21.2014) (updated on Feb.17.2014)
Position vacant: Assistant Professorship available at the Center for International Research and Education (CIRE) (updated on Feb.4.2014)
【ETH Zurich & Chiba University ~Band Session in Chiba~】
The ETH Big Band from ETH Zurich and the Chiba University Wind Orchestra and will play at the gymnasium!(Feb.10.2014)
(updated on Feb.3.2014)
International Joint Conference on Medical Innovations in CHIBA WaFLES & HALIDAT-GC (Mar.14.2014) (updated on Jan.29.2014)
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